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Hardware Asset filter by Model and Type

Andrea_ZorziAndrea_Zorzi Customer IT Monkey ✭
I'm currently using this API "Projection/GetProjectionByCriteria"  to retrieve the hardware asset values using the following query in order to filter them by name:
"SimpleExpression": {
               "ValueExpressionLeft": {
                       "Property": "$Context/Property[Type='81e3da4f-e41c-311e-5b05-3ca779d030db']/Name$"              
               "Operator": "Like",
               "ValueExpressionRight": {
                       "Value": "%test%"              
and the result is correct. 
Now i would like to filter the hardware asset also for the Model field and Type field that are two list, but this is not working. The filter working by guid but not by display name.
Is it possible to filter also the Model field and Type field ? If yes, How is it possible ?


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