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Primary Users are missing in Cireson Hardware Assets --> issue with SCCM?

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We have quite a lot of computer assets that are missing their primary users. In digging deeper into the issue, I figured out that it's not Cireson Asset Management that has a problem, but obviously SCCM and/or SCSM.

New computers that get staged and a primary user set are created as a Windows computer object after the SCCM-SCSM connector has run. The hardware asset workflow runs some hours after the connector and matches the computer according to the serial number and also adds the primary user. That's the way if all workflow work properly.

Quite a few of the newly created computers are missing their primary user in SCSM computer objects and therefore cannot be added to the hardware asset. I checked these computers in SCCM and all of them have a primary user defined. This UDA is set "Administrator Defined" and "Usage Agent Defined". When I remove the primary user and add it again, only "Administrator Defined" is shown. I save the object in SCCM, run the connector, primary user gets added to the computer object in SCSM, run the hardware asset workflow and primary user is there also. We do have more than enough computers in SCCM with both UDA definitions set where the primary user has been synchronized properly. Is there a flag somewhere in the SCCM machine object that stops the primary user from being synchronized by the connector? Except from entries in OpsMgr event log that shows me the tables that are getting synchronized in SCSM, there's no detailed log file to see if there are errors. Connector always shows 100% success.

I read an article from MS to run a query against the SCSM database to clean up if there are a lot of dynamic users. This issue also occurs with machines that are brand-new, have never been staged before and also the user is a new employee. In other constellations, the machine is new but the user is an old employee. Other machines get re-staged, newly installed with Win10, but the machine name stays the same as well as the user. I haven't found a pattern yet when the primary user won't be sent by SCCM.

Does anybody know this behavior and know how to deal with it? I thought of creating a connector to import the primary users into their computer objects in SCSM to get clean data, but I'm afraid this won't fix the issue. Within a couple of months, there will be machines again where the primary user is missing. I need to find the source of the issue.

Thanks for your help


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