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Rebai_MohamedRebai_Mohamed Member IT Monkey ✭

I'm new to the Cireson world, and i'm actually trying to answer some questions, but cannot find the answers for the moment.

What i'm trying to know is, is it possible to complety customize the display of Cireson. I know i can change the logo and the CSS, but can i : 

- Create some text pages ?
- Completly change the header so i can put a custom navigation menu ?
- Change the footer too (the HTML)
- Create some layouts for my page contents (2 columns, 3 columns, )

I know that Cireson is not a CMS, but still i want to know what's the maximum that can be achieved by Cireson in terms of content  management and templating. 

The answer could be as simple as "No you can only change the logo and the CSS, but the page structure will always be the same and you can't create content pages"

Thanks a lot in advance


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