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Data warehouse Management packs - deployment status failed

Manas_GautamManas_Gautam Customer IT Monkey ✭

On the service manager 2019 console, we find that 8 management packs (data warehouse) have the deployment status as Failed.

Data warehouse jobs are stuck in running state since many hours. Please suggest any solutions for the below issue.

Event Viewer has the following warnings:

Management pack association ignored. This does not require any action. If you continue to frequently see this warning, contact your administrator. This process will continue to retry.

Management pack ID: 610de45d-2e3e-6bbc-c52d-192aa952c704

Management pack name: ServiceManager.ChangeManagement.Report.Library

Management pack version: 10.19.1035.0

Data source name: SM_AS

Message: Either the MP has failed deployment Or any of its references has failed deployment


  • CaterhamITSupportCaterhamITSupport Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    Is this a new install of the datawarehouse? Need more info / background to your issue and how you got to this problem?

    Kind Regards


  • Manas_GautamManas_Gautam Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hello Daniel,

    We upgraded to SCSM 2019 recently, and this was working fine for few months.

    but around a week ago, there was an infrastructure issue due to which servers got rebooted a few times and since then we are facing this issue.



  • CaterhamITSupportCaterhamITSupport Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    With these sort of issues it might be best to raise a ticket with Microsoft directly, and pay a small fee for this. For example we have SCSM 2016 which had a problem recently with the date and datawarehouse failing once over this date. We paid a one off fee to Microsoft and was very cheap, and they fixed it. I would highly recommend doing this.

    Other thing to mention though when installing a datawarehouse function all management packs which are sent over to it would be deployed at this stage. In the context of this it could be that the issue has been with your setup for a longer period too / when upgraded, and troubleshooting what and when has happened over the months / trying to fix might make things worse.

    Kind Regards


  • Manas_GautamManas_Gautam Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thank you.

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