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Creating Deployments taking more that 5 mins to Load

Anyone else seeing with ~2500 applications, when creating a deployment of an application and or package, once app/package is selected right click and select deploy. the next view takes approx. 5mins to load


  • F_ChristiansenF_Christiansen Cireson Dev Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi Jason,

    We did make adjustments in the latest release 2.0.3, can you verify your version.
    But yes, we do have some performance issue we are working on in relation to this, but mostly an issue when having lots of packages, not applications.

    Can you verify if we are talking applications or also packages?

    Best regards
    Flemming Appelon Christiansen
  • Jason_TaylerJason_Tayler Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hi Flemming

    currently using 2.0.0 will look at grabbing the latest version and installing that today.

    the slowness only seem to occur on when you right click either an application or a package and select deploy

    this can take ~5mins to load before you can select additional software and then collection or create collation etc.

    once this load the process is fast and there is no delay its just the initial load of the deploy software wizard

  • Jason_TaylerJason_Tayler Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hi Flemming I updated to 2.0.3 this morning and still same time to load the deploy software pages.

  • F_ChristiansenF_Christiansen Cireson Dev Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi Jason,

    I will file a bug on the performance, so we can have that loading faster. May have to change the loading of associated programs for packages; I am suspecting this as the cause.
    Unless you only have applications (not packages)?
  • Jason_TaylerJason_Tayler Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks Flemming, we have a mix of both apps and packages..

  • wally_meadwally_mead Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi Jason,

    Have you tried a newer build, such as v2.1.1 yet? I know that there were some performance enhancements implemented in some of the later builds.



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