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2 Cireson Server(different versions) - 1 Database

We use an old version of Cireson Portal.  
I want to test the new version.
My question is,
Can I create a new server and ınstall the new version of Cireson and connect to the existing servicemangement DB and use it?
That is, there will be 2 different versions of Cireson portal connected to PROD service management DB.
The URLs of Cireson will be different. I will use both of them.

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  • Ozgur_SahinOzgur_Sahin Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thank you
    our old version is connected to servicemangementDB
    So can create a new DB(Newservicemanagement DB), connect it to the new version and use?

    I don't want to delete the old version, because of the End Users are using, but in this time I want to test the new version with PROD data.
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