SCSM Out of Office - Prevent Work Item Assignment

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This is a request that's come up herehere from @Tom_Hyde and here from @Carol_Lee.

Clearly this demands some kind of solution and that's why it's the latest repository available on my GitHub with all the source ready to be viewed and modified at your discretion should you so chose. In it, a few things to help get you started:
  1. Management pack to extend your System.Domain.User class with Out of Office concepts ([true/false]OutOfOffice, [date]OutOfOfficeStartDate, [date]OutOfOfficeEndDate)
  2. Management pack to introduce workflows that will prevent Work Item assignment when the Assigned To's OutOfOffice property is true
  3. Optional PowerShell influenced from the SMLets Exchange Connector so you can set the OutOfOffice property across all users from Exchange into Service Manager. Wire for Orchestrator or SMA and then this OutOfOffice property can be set by simply setting your out of office via Outlook!

Currently, this will prevent Work Item assignment on the following Work Item types:
  • Incidents
  • Service Requests
  • Change Requests
  • Problems
  • Release Records
  • Manual Activities


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