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Hi Team,

I'm looking at changing the home page of our Knowledge Base which appears as below. How ever we aren't too keen on using featured articles, popular articles etc. We would rather it appear as the same as the Knowledge Manager dashboard which provided an entire list of articles plus their details.

We are also hoping to implement a "last updated" column which we can get in service manager but can not be implemented within the portal side. is it possible to have such a column implemented within the portal?

i have had a look at templates but i cant see anything straight forward, any ideas or suggestions?

Kind Regards


  • Michael_AidinovichMichael_Aidinovich Cireson Solution Architect Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    Hi Mina,

    Cireson’s development team is currently working on moving the KB’s to the Platform Cache tables within the Servicemanagement DB. Once completed as well as OData Table Widgets for the KBs you’ll be able to create your own End User KB list views and associated columns of your choosing leveraging the OData endpoints. No ETA on the release date but will be available in the near future.



  • Mina_SaidiMina_Saidi Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks Michael,

    do you know if there will be an option to include attachments into the KBs?

    Kind Regards

  • Michael_AidinovichMichael_Aidinovich Cireson Solution Architect Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    Not in the first release. I suspect that would be a feature request. Can always post that feature request on the forum for the community to up vote.

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