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Multiple consumables to the same user

Simon_BradleySimon_Bradley Customer IT Monkey ✭

I can see there is a 3 year old feature request for this, but nothing that says it was implemented. We don't want to serialize mice keyboards and monitors, but we have many users who need these for home and office, but we have no way of tracking somebody with 2 keyboards, 3 mice and 4 monitors. Eventually this is going to bite us.

Has anyone managed to resolve this?


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  • Justin_WorkmanJustin_Workman Cireson Support Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Simon_Bradley - this makes total sense to me. I would suggest maybe extending the Consumable class in one of a couple possible ways:

    1. A new relationship that indicates a user that has more than one
    2. A Boolean property that indicates that users have more than one. This is probably less desirable as there's no specificity about who has more than one.

    You could also maybe create a custom class as an intermediary placeholder that takes a related user and a quantity. Then add a relationship on the consumable class to this new placeholder class.

    I'm aware none of these address the automated counting that the existing form/model interact with. If you went any of the above routes, it might be worthwhile to look at automation(probably in the form of a runbook) to adjust the counts.

    I'm also aware this is a lot of work due to a design challenge with the Consumable class. I'm curious to get your (and other's) feedback on how you would like to see this challenge approached.

  • Simon_BradleySimon_Bradley Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hi @Justin_Workman ,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll be honest, I'm too new to this game to want to take on too much in the way of customization right now, I'd much rather have a ready-to-roll solution. Maybe in 6 months or so I'll understand it enough :-)

    How I would LIKE it to work would be something like:

    1: User requests a 32GB USB thumb drive as a Service Request

    2: Request is approved

    3: Quantity of 32GB USB consumable is reduced by 1 (don't need to store who it went to against the consumable - although that would be nice, so we could satisfy "you bought 50 USB drives, where are they?")

    4:: 32GB USB is added to User's Devices in the user record

    In 6 months time User requests another 32GB USB, steps 1-3 happen, and a second 32GB USB is added to the User's Devices list. Repeat, more or less regulalrly.

    User leaves company, we produce a list showing user has been issued with 12 USB devices, and can we have them back.

    Ideally we would be able to mark the User's Devices item as "lost", or just delete it, to cover the cases when a user actually admits to needing another one because they lost the last one we gave them.

    That is my take on it - I'd be very interested to hear how others would see it working, or even if someone far clever than me has done something like this already.


  • Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Multiple Consumables per User are now available with v8.5 of Asset Management and v11.1 of the portal!

  • Simon_BradleySimon_Bradley Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Nice, I'll take a look!

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