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CI - Users - Character Limit in extension tab

Mike_LineMike_Line Member IT Monkey ✭


I am wondering what the character limit for fields under the Extension tab on the User Configuration Item form?

And, If there a way to change the limit?

When I try to add data to this field from Orchestrator, I get an error message:

"The specified value did not conform to the maximum length requirements."

Thank you.



  • James_JohnsonJames_Johnson Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    Is that an extension that you added? The properties would have whatever value is set in the maximum value in the management pack.

    Here is an extension I added to my Incidents that is a string with a maximum value of 256

    That can also be found in the xml of the MP:

            <ClassType ID="ClassExtension_2ac40629_4626_4d89_ae50_b3b2a450a35f" Accessibility="Public" Abstract="false" Base="Alias_a5df2b65_7bfc_44d9_ac1c_81699dadcb24!System.WorkItem.Incident" Hosted="false" Singleton="false" Extension="true">
              <Property ID="TicketDepartment" Type="string" AutoIncrement="false" Key="false" CaseSensitive="false" MaxLength="256" MinLength="0" Required="false" Scale="0" />

    You export the MP that extension is part of, change the value in the XML or authoring tool and re-import it to increase the length.

  • Mike_LineMike_Line Member IT Monkey ✭

    Great thank you.

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