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Can I change the names of the fields under Asset Management/Reports?

Ivan40_Ivan40_ Member IT Monkey ✭

There are some fields that I won't use under Asset Management/Reports. I would like to know if I can rename some of those fields, so I can take 100% advantage of the tool? 


  • Brett_MoffettBrett_Moffett Cireson PACE Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Ivan40_
    Can you please clarify some points for me?
    1. When you mean fields you wont use in Asset Management/Reports, are you talking about fields within Asset Management that you are not going to use? or fields int he reports that you don't want to see?
    2. Are you wanting to rename the fields within Asset Management for use by data other than what the field is originally designed for?
    Asset Management is a group of class extensions within SCSM that allow customers to enter data about their assets and automatically associate them with other classes (Organization, Cost Center, Incidents etc.) 
    As such, editing the fields of a class uses the same principles as editing fields for any other class within SCSM. The SCSM Authoring tool allows administrators to "Extend" the class with additional fields and edit the form in such as way as to make the form look as the Analyst wants to see them.
    There is one trick though.
    The default Asset management forms out of the box can be extended by adding a tab, but the main page of the Asset Management forms can not be edited.

    My advice to anyone who is wanting to add new fields to one of the Asset Management classes is to extend the class with the property you are after and add it to the form in a new tab on the form. Re-purposing existing fields can get confusing and can get wiped out when an upgrade occurs.

    Hope this has answered your question
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