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Software Metering between versions

Thomas_HathawayThomas_Hathaway Customer IT Monkey ✭
So I'm in the middle of establishing our environments Software Asset Management configuration and I've run into an issue with software metering versions of licensed applications. Right now I've followed the great write-up linked below and imported the PACE spreadsheet to get the basics up and running. I'm at the point where I want to start configuring Software Metering for Visio 2013. I want to break each version (std, pro) into its own metering rule so i can get metering info for both versions. However, the filename I'm trying to monitor is visio.exe and its the same version and exe for both the std and pro installs. So what I'd expect is to pull metering data for both versions if I use that exe as the metered value.  I expect the same issue with all of the other MS apps. From the write-ups I've found and the community contributions so far I haven't found a great solution to this issue. Is there anyone else running into this issue and/or someone who's solved this issue already? I have no issue with installed counts just the software metering portion of this whole deal.

KB article: 

Asset Mgmt: Software Metering Configuration

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  • Thomas_HathawayThomas_Hathaway Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Ok great, thanks for the advice Damon. I was on that path, so it's good to have it confirmed as a viable solution. 
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