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Load Balancing Portals

Emmanuel_CassidyEmmanuel_Cassidy Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hope someone can help me with this.

We are running 2 instances of the portal in a Load balancing setup.  Server1 & Server2

On Server 1 - Portal is installed as well as Cache Builder and is running.
On Server 2 - Portal is installed but no Cache Builder running

this setup was suggested by the consultant we had when we first deployed Cireson Portal.

Issue is the following:

on Server 1, the user picker is pulling in EVERYTHING not just users.
on Server 2, the user picker is working flawlessly, only showing users.

The admin settings on both portal are obviously identical.

Now the reason Server 1 and Server 2 user pickers results are not identical, is it because Server 1 has the cache builder enabled and Server 2 doesn't?   if so, why is user picker results accurate while server 1 includes all AD objects ?


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  • Emmanuel_CassidyEmmanuel_Cassidy Customer IT Monkey ✭
    :s    Please Disregard,  I found the issue.
  • Dakota_GreenDakota_Green Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Just really curious to know what did you catch, and what was your resolution? I ask only in the case where someone may run into a similar issue, and it's documented here. :)
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