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UserPicker Not Populating From Nested Type Projection.

Chris_WunderlichChris_Wunderlich Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hello everyone. We have extended the incident class to create an incident approval system. Part of the extension includes a custom class containing approval information. That class has two relationships for approver users. I created a relationship for relating this class to incidents, and I created a type projection with this nesting for the incident portal and updated the Incident.js. I have been using https://support.cireson.com/KnowledgeBase/View/1174#/ as a guide. 

The problem I have is that the User Pickers on the portal are not displaying the user information contained in the object. The two user objects are ACHL1A_User and ACHL2A_User inside of the ApproverClassificationForIncident object. I can see both objects with user information correctly in the viewModel, but I also see base class objects named  ACHL1A_User and ACHL2A_User at the root level with no user information. 

I have made this work in the portal before with a UserPicker, but the user object was not nested in another component of the type projection.

I have attached the management pack fragments that are part of this, the Incident.js file, and screen shots of the browser page and viewModel debug. If anyone has any experience with this issue or can provide us some direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • Chris_WunderlichChris_Wunderlich Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I have one other update if it would be helpful to anyone. In Incident.js, if I change the PropertyName of the UserPicker from "ACHL1A_User" to "ApproverClassificationForIncident.ACHL1A_User", the page hangs on load with the following error: "Unable to get property 'bind' of undefined or null reference".

    However, if I change it from a UserPicker to a String, then set the PropertyName to "ApproverClassificationForIncident.ACHL1A_User.DisplayName", it does display the user's name correctly.

    Has anyone experienced this behavior with UserPicker binding? Thanks.
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