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Cireson Portal version 7 UI - changes and features

Suruchi_BharatiSuruchi_Bharati Customer IT Monkey ✭
I have a question related to the field "Affected User" in Cireson portal. What data should this field populate - is it the user who creates the change request or is it the who will implement it. 

My second question is - in the older versions ( i.e.4) Affected User was not a required field - perhaps not even exposed in the Portal UI. In version 7.4 - this is a Required field. Why was this change made

Would it be accurate to state that any Change requests that have the "affected user" column populated will show up in the "My Requests" view for that user

Also is there a document where all the user interfaces changes in portal UI in v7 documented - can you share the link please

Last question is in v7.4 -  In Home tab - there is a General and Help title under which there are All requests  and links to features: Ask a question, enable new user,Generic IT Service procurement request etc.  I have attached a file with screenshot. Was this added to the UI in latest version since I don't see this at least in version 4. 

Kindly respond to each specific query above. Thank you.

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  • Suruchi_BharatiSuruchi_Bharati Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Please respond to my queries above.
  • Suruchi_BharatiSuruchi_Bharati Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thank you Joe. Yes I do see the changes in changerequest.js file. It may have been done by a team member long time back - but the change did not reflect in version 4, it started to reflect only after the recent upgrade to 7.4 Would you know why that could be ? 
  • Suruchi_BharatiSuruchi_Bharati Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Also Is there a way - when the CR is created - to default the created by user into the affected user column. I was told to add some code to custom.js file.  I tried that but it didnt work. When the custom.js file is changed do I need to restart anything other than the cireson portal site for the change to reflect. Thank you.
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