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Problems with ConfigMgr Ticker 1.2

Hi Wally,

we have many problems with the (not so) new version 1.2:
 * special characters no longer works and are displayed as ? (definitively worked in previous version)
 * sending messages with a scheduled time aren't displayed on every target machine (the cireson log on the client states that it is received but it isn't shown at the specified time)
 * sometimes it is shown a empty banner without text but the client logs shows the message that should be shown

Is there any new version in the near future?

Best regards



  • F_ChristiansenF_Christiansen Cireson Dev Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi Markus,

    Yes, we know there are some limits in relation to non-US characters.
    You should be able to use most common special characters, but scandinavian characters like æøå doesn't work in the current version.
    And yes, they worked in some cases in the previous version, but the mof compiler actually wouldn't accept them.
    So, this needs to be changed in a future version.

    We have not planned a new version currently as we are busy working on the upcoming Portal for Configuration Manager.

    For scheduled messages these should be displayed on the computers in the selected collection.
    Please provide log files for those attempts that are not working so we can investigate.
    We would like to have smsprov.log, TickerAdmin.log and on the client; TickerClient.log and ccmnotification.log.

    Best regards
    Flemming Appelon Christiansen
  • Markus_BäkerMarkus_Bäker Partner IT Monkey ✭

    I have attached two client log examples. The same message is shown on other clients, so more likely a client than a server issue.
    I have remove usernames and the message (which was under 100 characters and without special characters).

    Bests regards

    Markus Bäker
  • Daniel_HoenigDaniel_Hoenig Member IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Markus,

    your logs show:
    01.02.2017 08:50:58 Domain\User : Error: Error enumerating Announcements.
    01.02.2017 08:50:58 Domain\User : Error message: Der Fensterhandle ist bereits vorhanden.

    The "Banner not shown Cireson TickerApp.log" shows two different Announcements-Ids:
    01.02.2017 07:56:49 Domain\User : Announcement with ID 15d50087fe45a7c72d15af61b has not yet been processed.
    01.02.2017 08:37:30 Domain\User : Announcement with ID 181808af62b8e6c72d12fc13e has not yet been processed.

    To my understanding the error message says: Don't announce more than one Announcements to the same collections respectively to one or more target-client/s in different collections.

    Bests regards
    Daniel Hönig
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