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Veiwing results & ordering submitted data

Sharon_SpearsSharon_Spears Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

The app is great communication tool to receive feedback from our users, but the results seem to be hard to view easily follow up and reflect on results for continuous improvement.

I've noticed in the 'recent results'  the order of the results appears to be random, making it hard to find newly submitted surveys to view comments (Since, there appears to be no way to review comments, other than scrolling though each result.).  You seem to have to look though every result again to find the new ones.

Would be good to have them ordered/sectioned

  • Submitted this week
  • Submitted last week
  • Submitted last month

Plus the title, have a dated submission date.

A next/previous button would be good when scrolling through the results.

Even better, a data table would be wonderful, if you could export it out to excel.

Food for thought, love what you do Cireson team!


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  • Steve_PardoeSteve_Pardoe Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Having a date survey submitted would be perfect, My service desk team are regularly asking for this information on a submitted survey.
  • Gary_GahanGary_Gahan Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
    The result icons need some identifying information so that individual responses can be quickly found
  • Andrei_KozlovskiAndrei_Kozlovski Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Could be really good to have an opportunity to get results imported to excel or even in the results view sorted by rates.
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