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We've recently combined two free community apps, Action Log Notify and Notify Analyst, into one more complete app to solve every-day business challenges and further streamline your Service Request Management operations.

Notify Analyst includes all of the features you know and love from Action Log Notify, including the ability to:

-Notify the assigned to Analyst when an End User comment is added to the action log
-Notify the Affected User when an Analyst comment is added
-Automatically send email notifications to an Analyst or their associated support groups
-Send reassignment emails between Analysts

Effective August 1, 2017, Cireson's Action Log Notify app will no longer be supported. While you may continue to use it, we will no longer provide any support or updates to ensure compatibility with your other apps. We highly recommend downloading the Notify Analyst Community app to ensure business continuity and stability moving forward.

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