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creating new request offering which submites a SR to a seperate support group

Hi All,

I'm new to SCSM and Cireson and am just learning about the system. We have just gone live with the portal to our end users and have a few Request Offerings created and working well. The work was performed by a consultant and they have done a great job but now its my turn to take over. as I'm new to this, I'm a little lost and trying to figure it out.

the situation is -

I need to create a "Contact Us"  or a "Feedback" section within the portal for our end users.

I know I can create a request offering for "contact us" and basically have it linked to the IT Contacts page on our internal intranet but the business don't want that. They wish to have something that they can basically click on within the portal, enter their feedback in a text field and it sends it to a support group. We have a Service Offering called "Information" which currently has one Request Offering within it. I would like to add the "Contact Us/Feedback" RO within the "Information" SO as well.

all the current RO are submitted directly into the ServiceDesk support group which was developed by our consultant. With the new" contact us" RO I would like it to go a another support group who are responsible for administration and development of SCSM. That group is yet to be created.

my question is, how do I create an RO and point it to go a separate support group?

I have created anything yet but I was looking at our dev environment and used the "Edit Advanced Request Offering" and I cant find where the support group for the RO are entered.

Thank you all.

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  • Mina_SaidiMina_Saidi Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks Joe
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