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Can the 'Save' button be on any page we want?

Afzal_MalekAfzal_Malek Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
Dear Community,

I have a query with regards to the Advanced Request Offering. I read in the documentation that the 'Save' button is only enabled in the last page of the Advanced Request Offering.

What I want to know is, whether we can enable the 'Save' button on any page that we want in Advanced Request Offering?

I have this scenario, where I created a Service Request form to register Guests who visits the office. In the form, users are allowed to select how many guests they want to register (simple list ranging from 1 to 10). Each page will require the requester to input the details of 1 guest. If there are 3 guests, they'll have to fill up 3 pages. I've set conditions to display the input fields based on the number of guests selected.

Let's say a request was raised to register 3 guests. At the 3rd page, the form shows that requester will need to click on 'Next' all the way until the last page (page 10), where the 'Save' button will be enabled and they can then save the request. Instead of this, can the 'Save' button be enabled based on the number of guests that the requester selects? If requester wants to register 3 guests, at the 3rd page, instead of having to click 'Next', they can click on 'Save'.

Can this be done? If not, is there a better way to cater to this scenario?

Thank you.


  • Jeff_LangJeff_Lang Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    you could have some js run when the page loads that keeps an eye on how many guests they wish to register, and then when it gets to that specific page enable the save button in your code, so it does not have to go further
  • Afzal_MalekAfzal_Malek Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this. I manage to get this done by playing around with the Request Offering
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