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Where to go to add 'License Type'?

Afzal_MalekAfzal_Malek Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
Hello All,

There's something I'd like to ask with regards to the Cireson Asset Management. Under Licenses, when we want to create a new license, there's a drop-down for menu for 'License Type'. There are 2 values for the drop-down, 'Temporary' and 'Permanent':

Can we add more values to this drop-down list, or they are defaulted to just the 2 values shown above? If we can add more values, where do we go to add them? I can't find then under 'Library" > 'Lists'.

Thank you.

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  • Afzal_MalekAfzal_Malek Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
    Hi @Geoff_Ross, thank you for the explanation.

    I guess I have to read up more on how to properly use the Licensing feature so I can better explain it to my customer on how it actually works.
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