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Service Offering not being displayed on End Users Portal


We've created 3 new services offering to be displayed on our end users portal.
They've some request offering attached. Also, the SO are attach to a Catalog Group, and this catalog group is assigned to a Security Group and an AD's group. 
However, they are not visible on the end user's portal (The SCSM administrator are able to see them, but the Active Directory group members are not).

As far as we've two SCSM servers, and one of them still have the Out of the box portal, we've try to log into this one and we are able to see the Service Offering whitout problem. 

For now we've tryed to reset the cache builder service, reset the app pool, to unpublish and publish the service offering again, to change de AD Groups for another who works with other Service Offering, but none of this has solved the problem

Do you have any idea about how to solve it? 
I tryed to check the Cache Builder log but the last entry belongs to January 3 and these groups haven't been created for then


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  • AlaugonAlaugon Member IT Monkey ✭
    Finally restarting the CacheBu
    ilder Service and the app pool solve the problem!

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