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SCSM DWH is unable to update AM management pack

Martin_StrbavyMartin_Strbavy Member IT Monkey ✭
Hi Guys,
can someone please try to help me with issue after Asset Management upgrade? Whole process goes well and we followed all KBs and after running MPsyncjob we have this issue:

Deployment Execution Infrastructure has retried the maximum number of times and is giving up on this execution step.  
MP Element ID: CiresonLocationDim 
MP name: Cireson.AssetManagement.DataWarehouse 
MP version: 
Operation: Update 
Error message: The index 'NCI0_CiresonLocationDim' is dependent on column 'LocationTaxRate'.
The index 'NCI1_CiresonLocationDim' is dependent on column 'LocationTaxRate'.
ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN LocationTaxRate failed because one or more objects access this column.

After this issue there are some more, which are relating to this (other new AM MPs failed due to dependency etc). What can be reason of this? Do you have some hint what to try?


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