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Why are end users all of the sudden required to authenticate to access our support site.?

JulioJulio Member IT Monkey ✭

Starting about a month or so ago all end users are requested to authenticate to our support site before they can submit a service request. Nothing has changed in the IIS, there have new GPO been implemented and have not been able to get rid of it. Any ideas any one?



  • CaterhamITSupportCaterhamITSupport Member IT Monkey ✭

    Could be something to do with internet settings in GPO. You need to set LAN / Proxy / Exception settings in there maybe?

    Kind Regards


  • Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sounds a lot like the URL of the site is no longer included in the Local Intranet Zone which by default offers Automatic Login.

  • JulioJulio Member IT Monkey ✭

    Thank you for your replies.

    This is not just an issue with IE, it is occurring with all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Once the end users close the support site, they are asked to sign back in every time.

    There are no new GPOs implemented on our network.

  • James_JohnsonJames_Johnson Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    I have had issues where GPO's that were unconfigured had their default value changed which changed that unconfigured value to the new default.

    On Windows all browser behavior is configured in that Internet Options menu and the automatic login doesn't really depend on the server settings.

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