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Support FAQ - Why does the SLO countdown in the portal different to the SCSM console?

Joe_BurrowsJoe_Burrows Cireson Devops Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

The console shows you the amount of business hours you have left. The portal shows you the amount of calendar time you have left regardless of business hours.
Knowing the amount of business hours you have left to solve a problem makes a person think.  

Take this example:
Business hours are 9-5 M-F.
Currently it is 3 PM on a Thursday.
The incident needs to be resolved by 10 AM Friday (tomorrow).

In the Service Manager console you would see that you have 3 (business) hours left.  Now I have to figure out what that means.  It's now 3 PM and business hours are over at 5.  So that's 2 hours today.  3 hours - 2 hours = 1 hour.  So 9 AM tomorrow is the start of business and I have 1 more hour that I am carrying over to tomorrow to work on it.  So 9 AM + 1 hour = 10 AM.  I have to resolve this by 10 AM tomorrow.  The math gets much more complex when you are talking about business hours over weekends, holidays, etc.  For example, if the SCSM console tell you that you have 82 hours to fix something, that's going to take a lot to figure out the calendar day/time that it has to be resolved.

What we do is say - forget business hours (that's for calculating when the breach date is!) - you have a certain amount of calendar time to resolve the issue.  In this case, you have 3 PM today until 10 AM tomorrow or (9 + 10) 19 hours.  You can choose to go home at 5 PM and come back at 9 AM or you can work all night long to resolve the issue.  Bottom line is you have 19 hours to fix it!


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    Erik_LuthErik_Luth Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi Joe, good explanation. But using both (Portal and Console) this gets confusing. It would be great if both counters display the same numbers, or better that I can configure how the numbers (business hours or calendar time)  gets displayed ;-)
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    Kristoffer_StormarkKristoffer_Stormark Customer IT Monkey ✭
    For some it also have the opposite affect, special before weekends and hollydays, if the real amount of business hours are 1 and it looks like there is still plenty of time, even is the user is aware of what the clock is showing      
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