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RO 'Multiple Mapping' dynamically builds text based on form selection criteria

Adrian_PaechAdrian_Paech Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

Love the multiple mappings feature, however, as request offerings get larger (40 questions +), its difficult to get all of the data displayed in a "readable" fashion within the description field depending on what the requestor has selected.

I would like to see a dynamic builder based on form selection criteria, which lays out the text differently, depending on the criteria selected. I have had to write a custom powershell script kicked off by a workflow which automatically does this after any request offering is lodged, however, it would be great to see this built into the advanced request offering builder.

to get a better understanding of what I am trying to achieve, see the example "Multiple Mappings" text below which is specified within the description field. This is automatically processed after the RO is logged, and all unnecessary text / tags removed so that the final result is clean and minimal.

</code></p><p><code>[[IF: UI.Action Required == Purchase]]<br>[ Hardware Required ]<br>-------------------------<br>[[IF: UI.Standard Device == True]]Purchase Laptop[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Pre-Approved Software !isnotempty! ]]&nbsp;&nbsp; (Install Pre-Approved Software: )[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Licenced Software !isnotempty! ]]&nbsp;&nbsp; (Install Pre-Approved Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 12.0)[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Laptop Docking Station == True]]Purchase Laptop Docking Station[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Laptop Carry Bag == True]]Purchase Laptop Carry Bag[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Tablet Docking Station == True]]Purchase Tablet Docking Station[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Tablet Carry Bag == True]]Purchase Tablet Carry Bag[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Standard Monitor== True]]Purchase 23" Monitor[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Standard Mouse == True]]Purchase Mouse[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Standard Keyboard == True]]Purchase Keyboard[[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Other Hardware Required: == True]]Purchase Other Hardware: [[/IF]]

Quantity Required: 50<br>[[/IF]]

[[IF: UI.Action Required == Replacement]]<br>[ Hardware To Replace ]<br>---------------------------<br>[[IF: UI.Desktop / Laptop / Tablet == True]]Replace Asset #: [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Monitor == True]]Replace Monitor [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Keyboard == True]]Replace Keyboard [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Mouse == True]]Replace Mouse [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Other == True]]Replace Other:&nbsp; [[/IF]]

Quantity To Replace:

Location of Hardware: 45 Pirie Street, Adelaide (Level 16)

Replacement Requirements:


[[IF: UI.Action Required == Disposal]]<br>[ Hardware to Dispose / Return ]<br>---------------------------<br>[[IF: UI.Desktop / Laptop / Tablet == True]]Dispose Asset #: [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Monitor == True]]Dispose Monitor [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Keyboard == True]]Dispose Keyboard [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Mouse == True]]Dispose Mouse [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Other == True]]Dispose Other:&nbsp; [[/IF]]

Quantity to Dispose:

Location of Hardware: 45 Pirie Street, Adelaide (Level 16)


[[IF: UI.Action Required == Relocation]]<br>[ Hardware To Relocate ]<br>----------------------------<br>[[IF: UI.Desktop / Laptop / Tablet == True]]Relocate Asset #: [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Monitor == True]]Relocate Monitor [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Keyboard == True]]Relocate Keyboard [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Mouse == True]]Relocate Mouse [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: UI.Other == True]]Relocate Other:&nbsp; [[/IF]]

Quantity to Relocate:

Location of Hardware:&nbsp; 45 Pirie Street, Adelaide (Level 16)

Relocation Requirements:<br>[[IF: Move To New Location == True]] - Move To New Location:&nbsp; [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: Transfer Ownership To Business Unit == True]] - New Business Unit:&nbsp; [[/IF]]<br>[[IF: Transfer Ownership To Staff Member == True]] - New Staff Member: False (Note: requestor to contact ICT Rep. for staff ownership transers)[[/IF]]<br>[[/IF]]

[[IF: UI.Other Special Requirements !isnotempty! ]]<br>[ Other Special Requirements ]<br>----------------------------------<br>Spec Req<br>[[/IF]]

[ Required By ]<br>-----------------<br>Date: 20/10/2016 00:00<br>[[IF: Justification for Urgency !isnotempty! ]]Justification for 'Urgency': Some Justification for the Urgency[[/IF]]

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  • Jonathan_BolesJonathan_Boles Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Adrian_Paech, is your custom solution something you'd be willing to share with community until something like this is provided out of box by Cireson?

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