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Do Not Auto-Populate Impact / Urgency Fields

Chris_KeanderChris_Keander Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
This was previously a support ticket I opened with Cireson (IR58280) which ended up resolved as it is default behavior with SCSM out of the box.  So, I'm resubmitting this "issue" as a feature request.  Here is the summary of my IR when I opened it:


I have an ARO that calls a specific Incident template where the only thing set is the Support Group and Primary Owner.  When the ARO is submitted and an analyst looks at the form, the Impact and Urgency is being set.

If I create a new incident in the Cireson Portal it uses a template where those fields are blank.  I'm not sure how these values are being set.

It would be nice if you could submit a new incident where the Impact and Urgency were left blank and it was up to the analyst to enter this information before resolving or escalating it.
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