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Multi Edit tasks available on promoted and widget grid pages.

The excellent Multi Edit tasks allowing Analysts to update up to 10 IRs or SRs at once are great but only available on the OOB views (My Work, Team work etc)

It would be prefect if these could be on all grids including:

Search Results
Promoted Views
Chart Widgets
SQL Chart Widgets

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    Roland_KindRoland_Kind Partner Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    edited November 2016

    as a temporary solution without modifying the servicemanagement DB (dbo.NaviationNode) (at least for promoted views) it is (at least in my environment 6.0.2) possible by modifying the session navigation nodes ...

    mynodes = app.storage.nodes.session.get('all');
    by modifying mynodes (node.Definition.view.drawer) you can add the bulktasks to the promoted view navigation node.

    var fulldrawer= {"taskList":{"titleKey":"Tasks","icon":"fa-tasks",
                                         "tasks":[{"Task":"changeStatus","Access":"session.user.Analyst","titleKey":"ChangeStatus"},                                              {"Task":"analystByGroup","Access":"session.user.Analyst","titleKey":"AssignToAnalystByGroup"}
                                         "buttons":[{"type":"MultiEditGrid","titleKey":"Edit","endpointUrl":"/api/v3/workitem/BulkEditWorkItems/","formTitleKey":"MultiEditFormTitle","icon":"fa-pencil","isVisible":true,"enabled":false}  ]};     

    I have not tested this on other grid view except on promoted ones - and you can add your own tasks by using this method, too.

    but of course  - a better solution is the modification of the dbo.NavigationNode - but I have no info about the behaviour of doing that in case of a Portal update to a newer Version)

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