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Work Item Search - Incidents, search by Primary Owner

In the work item search (portal V 5.0.10), if we add an incident section, we can search by affected user and assigned to but not by primary owner.
Can you add this search criteria please?

Best regards
Bruno Serafim
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    Jacob_LantzJacob_Lantz Customer IT Monkey ✭
    We are in need of this feature as well.

    We have recently expanded the usage of the analyst portal to other departments in our company, not just IT. Customer service and HR now have analysts handling incident requests to lower the burden on IT. In those cases where analysts in say customer service can't handle it on their own, they will assign the case to an analyst from IT. When doing so, they still want everyone in the support team from customer service to know what happens with the case. We figured we would solve this issue by creating a new view based on a search of specific primary owners, but that criteria isn't available.

    So, can primary owner become a search criteria, or does anyone else in this community have a suggestion as to how we can offer a view for a group of employees outside of IT that presents active cases that they have assigned to IT?
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