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Is it possible to install 2 Cireson Portals in the same server?

Afzal_MalekAfzal_Malek Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
Hello All,

There is something that I need to ask. I currently have a customer environment set up in which there is a server which contains V3.7 of Cireson Portal (together with SCSM). I need to upgrade the Cireson Portal to the latest version.

Instead of upgrading it directly (via 3.X --> 4.0 --> 4.0.6 --> 5.0 --> 7.2), is it possible for me to install V7 of Cireson Portal on the same server, and have both of the Cireson Portals run side by side? Are there any impacts for this?

Another approach that I am thinking of is to install V7.2 of Cireson Portal (together with SCSM) in an entirely new server. There will also be a new server meant for the Database. For this approach, once the database is up and running, will it be possible to import the data from the old database?

I've tried to do my own research about this but unfortunately, I didn't find any concrete answers. I'm hoping our awesome community here can shed some light on my queries.

Thank you.

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  • Afzal_MalekAfzal_Malek Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
    You can have multiple portal websites on the same server, however the website versions should match the servicemanagement DB version they are pointing at so you dont run into any issues. 

    Do you have KBs, custom nav nodes, views etc you want kept - if so upgrade following the path.

    If not just install 7.2 clean either on either the same or a new server by specifying a new database name. 
    Hi Joe,

    Yes, we do have KBs, custom nav nodes, etc that we wish to use with V7.2. Can these settings be imported somehow to V7.2?
  • Afzal_MalekAfzal_Malek Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Joe,

    Thanks again for the explanation and assistance.
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