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Add the knowledge base article owner and modified date to the Knowledge Manager article list

We are going to implement regularly scheduled reviews of knowledge base articles, and having the ability to group by or sort on owner and/or modified date in Knowledge Manager would be extremely helpful so people can see which articles they are responsible for reviewing and updating.

I was hoping I could simply add these fields to the Knowledge Manager grid view via a customized "view".js file in the CustomSpace, but after talking to support this isn't possible.
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    Justin_WorkmanJustin_Workman Cireson Support Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Here's a SQL query that you can use in a SQL table widget to view KB Articles with this information.  

    SELECT ka.ArticleID, ka.title, ka.CreatedDate, ka.LastModifiedDate, ka.Keywords, 
    stat.DisplayString AS 'KA Status', cat.DisplayString as 'KA Category', 
    ut.DisplayName AS 'LastModifiedUser'

      FROM [ServiceManagement].[dbo].[KnowledgeArticle] AS ka
      INNER JOIN DisplayString cat ON cat.ElementID = ka.Category AND cat.LocaleID = 'enu'
      INNER JOIN DisplayString stat ON stat.ElementID = ka.status ANd stat.localeid = 'enu'
      INNER JOIN CI$User ut on ut.Id = ka.LastModifiedBy

    I should note that if you click on them, it doesn't take you to the article.  I'm still working on that part...
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