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RelatedUserInfo.js - Forcing a sort by LastModified date

Eugene_RackEugene_Rack Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
Hello all

Hope someone knows how to do the following.

Using the Search User to find a user then loading the user details, I click on the Requests the user has against their name. The returned values are in any order. I would like to modify the relateduserinfo.js to sort by lastmodified column automatically when selecting the Requests column. Has anyone done this before.
I can see the code in the the js below but not sure how to set up the automatic sort.
columnFieldList: [
                                                 { name: "", type: "multipleObjectPicker", PropertyName: "MyRequest", ClassId: "F59821E2-0364-ED2C-19E3-752EFBB1ECE9", PropertyToDisplay: 

{Id:"Id",Title:"Title","Status.Name":"Status",LastModified:"LastModified"}, ShowAddButton: false, ShowRemoveButton: false, SelectableRow: true, SelectProperty: "Id" }

Kind regards

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