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Ryan_EphgraveRyan_Ephgrave Customer IT Monkey ✭
Is there a way to view related objects when searching for assets? For instance, see what computers have software installed.

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  • Brett_MoffettBrett_Moffett Cireson PACE Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Searching from where?
    The Cireson Portal or the SCSM Console?

    If you are looking for each computer that has a certain Software Asset installed then it appears on the Related Assets tab.

    You can even export this list out to a CSV file if you like.
    Hope this is what you are after.

    If not, you can use the Software Asset (Full) type projection within Advanced Search of the console if you want to search across all Software assets for something in particular.

    Hope this answers your question.
  • Ryan_EphgraveRyan_Ephgrave Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Sorry, in the Excel app. 

    Can the Excel app show relationships? My client wants to be able to pull up a list of computers and primary users of those computers in Excel. 
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