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Display the Change Requests in the "My Requests" view

Can you change the OOB "My Requests" view to display the Change Requests created by me?

Currently, the view "My Requests" can't display the Change Requests because by default the affected user is not populated for those work items. Can you add a criteria to your filter to display the Change Requests created by me?

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    Suruchi_BharatiSuruchi_Bharati Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I have the same exact request from my organization. The absence of this feature causes much confusion to the analysts using the cireson portal
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    Raymond_DidonatoRaymond_Didonato Customer IT Monkey ✭
    This was a concern of our organization as well.  If you also use Orchestrator in your organization, you can do what I've done and set up a runbook that monitors for new Change Requests and adds the Created By User as the Affected User as well.  Now we have CRs showing in the My Requests and Team Requests views.
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    Bruno_SerafimBruno_Serafim Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks a lot Raymond I'll do that runbook.
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    Bruno_SerafimBruno_Serafim Customer IT Monkey ✭
     And it works :)
    Thanks again Ramond.
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