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Custom Req Offering to secretly assign a static value to a display-only prompt

Alberto_FumagalliAlberto_Fumagalli Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hi all,

to reduce the templates number that I have to assign to a wide number of ROs, I'd like to know if I could use a display-only prompt, mapped (for instance) to the IR/SR alternate contact method, with some hardcoded default value.
In fact, I should have a kind of "many-to-one" relationship between request offerings and templates, while having the possibility to easily recognize the created work item (SR/IR), by reading just one property. This is because the customer is pretty scared in creating a wide set of templates (now and in the future).
Is there a way to achieve this goal (maybe by customizing HTML/JS code)?

Thanks in advance!


  • Konstantin_Slavin-BoKonstantin_Slavin-Bo Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    WIs have a relationship to the RO, if they are created by one, System.WorkItemRelatesToRequestOffering. You could make a custom task or something which looks up the request offering, or a runbook which adds the name of the offering to a property on the work item.

    Or you could add a 'Display Only' prompt to the RO with something like <span style="display: none;">Name of RO</span> and then map it to a property on the WI. It would be hidden in the RO and it would be written to the selected property on the work item (although including the whole <span>-tag).
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