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do comments entered into action log of a parent ticket go to the affected users of the child tickets

Shawn_HorleyShawn_Horley Customer IT Monkey ✭


I didn't find this question asked on my search so I'm asking now (sorry if I missed it). We've had an incident impacting much of our user base (6000+) and have created a Parent Incident ticket and assigned hundreds of child tickets for the affected End-Users.

I'm wanting to enter comments into the activity log of the Parent ticket in the assumption that all Affected users in the linked Child tickets would receive the comment. but I don't see any entries in the logs of the child tickets. Without asking hundreds of users whether they received our notification, is there any way for us to tell within the console that the notification was communicated to all Child tickets/Users?

Appreciate any guidance/suggestions you can provide.



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  • Shawn_HorleyShawn_Horley Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Seriously? Microsoft never thought that we might want to send mass communications to child tickets rather than open each incident one by one and update the action log?
  • Shawn_HorleyShawn_Horley Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks guys.
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