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Restrict Users to only one response to Survey

Gary_GahanGary_Gahan Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
Currently users can take the same survey multiple times. For some surveys this will skew the results so it would be useful to be able to restrict users to one response per survey.
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  • Yuriy_MikhaylenkoYuriy_Mikhaylenko Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Is there the way to disable or restrict the end users access to "My Survey" page after they complete the survey? The user can take the survey to the same IR/SR from e-mail, that is not so bad. However, "My Survey" page is still available for selection, and is not specific for Incident or service requests. The resulting survey will mess up the survey reports.    
  • Yuriy_MikhaylenkoYuriy_Mikhaylenko Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Work around was done by Justin Workman to include custom java script into custom.js file.

    Script works, however End User needs to refresh page manually after survey completion to be denied access to “My Survey” page. In addition, confirmation page indicating successful survey completion would be useful for the end users.   

  • Davide_GattiDavide_Gatti Partner IT Monkey ✭


    where is possible to find java script code for custom.js?


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