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Identifying when timeout warning/expiry is active

Jerry_VeldhuisJerry_Veldhuis Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
I have a custom page added to CustomSpaces/views/viewpanels/ which periodically updates (not using Cireson API). When the user has navigated to this page, I'd like to either

       (a) disable the session timeout warnings/expiry popups this custom page
       (b) identify in javascript when these popups are active so I can disable the periodic updates to the page

This is not critical, but I'd like to remove the wasted resources displaying information to a user who can't see it (due to popups).

Can someone give me insight into accomplishing (a) and/or (b) ?



  • Konstantin_Slavin-BoKonstantin_Slavin-Bo Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Looking through the session timeout code, it seems that it has a number of exceptions for specific dashboards. I guess you should be able to add your custom page to this array somehow. This is the part I'm talking about:

    //apply loading mask to predefined dashboard pages
    var dashboardPages = ["f567de65-89d0-49f1-a4a5-fbc19aca0eb2", "c40cec6f-36f2-467e-8b22-de8869ed9600", "e9ef2b2b-ef5e-4e8b-aff4-7310227955f4","be8482ac-4d93-4ecf-ab73-7c87c323afc1", "897eb19d-025a-4327-87e6-2fce05def9a6",    "b4c553a7-3efb-4d67-8a9d-a1d7f5f6bb63","1b1e9402-4cd3-4274-bf7a-81e8a389d822","af521dd2-4bee-4049-b750-5b8fc0a850f4"];
    var currentPage = window.location.pathname.split(/[/ ]+/).pop().toLowerCase();
    if (dashboardPages.indexOf(currentPage) >= 0) {

    Alternatively, you can have a setTimeout which triggers a function each 20 minutes (or whatever your timeout is), which checks whether .session-notification is enabled, and then simulates a click on the "Renew sessions" button. Maybe loops a couple of times to make sure it catches the notification.
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