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How is the Service Offering Category list ordered


How is the Service Offering Categorylist ordered 

As seen below it does not in alphabetical order at least not for Mail og Kalender and AV- og Video.... 


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    Nicholas_VelichNicholas_Velich Cireson Consultant Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Hi Kristoffer,

    These are supposed to be listed alphabetically. Sometimes folks list them in desired order by prefixing with a number of letter (ie. A/B/C or 1/2/3). In the case above, a couple do seem to be out of intended order. The first thing I would suggest is to try clearing your browser cache, and if you have made enumeration changes recently, restart your Cache Builder service and IIS.

    Out of curiosity, I wondered if this could occur when switching between different languages, so I tried switching between English and French in my lab; however, these were listed in the proper order in each language. If the suggestions above don't fix it, then this could be considered a bug (perhaps for the specific language above), and should be reported to Support for further investigation.

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