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Service Manager 2016 with Cireson Analyst Portal - Infrastructure

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Good day everyone,

Sorry if this is a duplicate question...

We are in the process of implementing Service Manager 2016 with the Analyst portal.

My question relates the the amount of servers that will required and how we can scale up.

For some background:
We are a University with about 65000 students and 5500 staff.

For the first phase we will only import 50 users from AD with two support groups from different departments.

Once we are comfortable with how everything works we will scale up drastically. 

Attached is a structure on what I think will be needed.

My concern is the amount of analysts that will be connecting to the portal.

I know that if you use the SCSM console you can get about 10 connections per core on the Secondary servers and that you can load balance the secondary servers.

I'm unsure about the amount of analysts/users that can connect to the portal.

From what I have seen the portal is installed on one server that runs the cachebuilder service. So this will be the Secondary server.

Will we need more than one secondary server and if we do what tasks will be run on them. And what can we do for load balancing / disaster recovery?

I know I asked a lot of questions, but if we can take them on one by one it will be awesome.

Thanks in advance

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