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Improved logging in Cireson PowerShell activities (log file being used by another process)

We get workflow errors for Cireson.PowerShell.Activity.Workflow.RunPowerShellScript "becasue it is being used by another process."
Rather than using a file on disk where we get file locks, please consider logging in the Windows Event Logs, ideally in its own log for ease of filtering/capture.

Our auditing requirements are such that I have to write code into each script with a bunch of details about them.
For example:
$psaDisplayName invoked a PowerShell script on $env:ComputerName<br><br>Parent Work Item: $srDisplayName<br>Affected User: $affectedUserDisplayName $affectedUserUpn<br><br>Script: $psaScriptId : $psaScriptName<br>Description: $psaScriptDescription<br>Parameters: $psaScriptParameters<br><br>Results:<br>$scriptResults

If we're already improving logging, we could make the logging useful for audit purposes as well.
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