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Does anyone know where the default notification templates are housed in SCSM 2012?

Shawn_HorleyShawn_Horley Customer IT Monkey ✭
When notifications for tickets get dispatched they incorporate the following text and link at the bottom of each notification sent. to The Affected User as well as the ticket assignee:

"For more details of your incident, please login to Self-Service Portal."

The link points to the default Microsoft support Portal which we never implemented. I am wanting to use a custom link instead. Just wondering where to find this in the system so I can change it.

Any ideas folks?



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  • Shawn_HorleyShawn_Horley Customer IT Monkey ✭
    In the console: Administration > Notifications > Templates

    To find the management packs: the names follow this pattern Service Manager [Ticket Type] Management Configuration Library

    For example, "Service Manager Incident Management Configuration Library"

    Actually I shouldn't have marked that response as the answer. In failing to be specific (please accept my apologies) I have wasted Tom's time. I know that they are a management pack, but as a system default template my challenge is in finding that specific pack and whether I can modify it, or have to use the (shoot me now) Authoring tool. I'm not a code jockey, so that isn't my first choice to resolve this.
  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2017
    No worries, that was top-of-mind and I was replying while I was talking to someone at my desk--no time wasted. :)

    These are system default management packs, but they are also unsealed.  Best practice is to make a copy of the templates in your own new management pack, but technically there is nothing stopping you from directly editing these.  Just double-click them and they will open for editing.

    There is no coding needed, nor the authoring tool.  You never need to directly touch or even look at the management packs, unless you want to.

    I am wondering if perhaps you are referring to the subscriptions, however.  You get to them nearly the same way (Admin > Notifications > Subscriptions), and it is also possible to edit them in the console GUI.  However, the criteria that defines when to send your email is very difficult to define using the console, since it makes a lot of assumptions about how you mean to write your expression, and it is frequently wrong.  In my case, none of my subscriptions can be written in the console, and I had to learn how to edit the management packs to be able to express the correct business logic.

    I personally consider this blog post from Travis Wright to be the definitive guide on how to do that, if you are interested.  There are more exhaustive guides out there if you do a Google search because you need to accomplish something even more complex, but start here.
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