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Importing Consumables using the connector getting error

Karen_Bruster1Karen_Bruster1 Member IT Monkey ✭

Good morning,

I created a CSV from the Excel Cireson add-in (as a template) and filled in the consumable name and Threshold as these are mandatory entries (see attached-change the extension back to csv). I then created the connector and mapped all the items (as the instructions show in the guide). But my consumables will not import. I keep getting the same error in the log (See attached).

"Did not find an existing Cireson.AssetManagement.Consumable - one or more keys are null, check input data around line or row 6"

Can someone let me know which key that is required that I am not filling in.

I can manually enter a consumable with just its name and threshold level and it works just fine. So I am not sure what it is I am Missing.


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