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Improve Advanced Request Offering Builder

Marek_LefekMarek_Lefek Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
As SCSM admin I have some wishes to improve simple Advanced offering generator that will:
1. Add integration with ROToolbox 
2. Make prompt-menu when click right mouse button on prompt . After click display a menu:
2.1. ROToolbox - with ROToolbox @tag to choose. When click on tag, insert it into prompt and display popup with questions for needed information eg. Entertext for @Placeholder. After submit complete @Placehodler tag will enter into prompt. 
2.2. Common prompt - list of common text (Can be edited by user eg. as xml file). In that case admin will have quick acces to prompts that use often eg. "Choose device by entering barcode - 7 digits" is used with @Autocomplete tag.
3. In multiple mapping, add abbility to copy mapping from others activities of the same request. Now I have to choose the same prompt on every title in each activity and edit eg title mapping for each activity. 
4. Enable preview as SM portal view without necessary of restarting cachebuilder.
5. Extend height of Multiple maping windows.
6. In Layout enable to copy showing options or enable to set one showing rule for multiple prompts.
7. Allow label text and prompt formatting for each prompts without code.
That the common issues. If something is not clear, I will explained if necessary.
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