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Use Chat Bots to create Incident/ServiceRequest using Cierson Portal API

Hi currently we are having a chat bot developed that can interacts with enduser and allows them to create a Request (On a Different tool). Now my management wants me get the same functionality on SCSM. 

We have been using Cireson Portal for SCSM and I know that Cierson provides an API to interact/integrate with 3rd party tools. When I'm referencing the API guide provided by Cierson it give me an examples on updating / retrieving workitems using API calls. Can someone confirm that do we have an API method (ADD) for creating new request using Cierson Portal API.

Also here is the briefing on my requirement:
Step 1: User pings (Bot SCSM Mailbox)
Step 2: After verifying the user scope, Bot displays the available Service Offering specific to that user (example below:)
            1. Reset Password
            2. Create Generic Incident
            3. Create Generic ServiceRequest
Step 4: User replies the Bot with the option that he needs (E.g. 2)
Step 5: Then the Bot will ask for the other details like Title,Desc,Priority,etc., and creates an incident in SCSM.

Since, there is no direct webservice interface available for SCSM, my only hope is to use Cierson API (preffered by my developers) or Orchestrator (since it has web service I could try, but this would need more effort than my option 1)

Any guidance or alternatives on this would be greatly helpful.

Naveen Raj


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    Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Any reason you are not looking using a powershell comment to receive your bot inputs to then create a work item? 
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    Nawin_SidduNawin_Siddu Member IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the reply. I have considered using PS or even Orchestrator (Since the Orhestrator has the webService to communicate). But my development Team has already developed a working solution that uses API to carry this process in another Ticketing Tool. So they just wanted me to provide the exact API call that is needed, to create Incident or SeviceRequest.

    Also, if we are using the Bot to execute the powershell, I would need to find a way to display only the request offerings that the user has access in SCSM Portal based the token: Portal User Name.

    Also, I came across some blogs that discuss about creating PowerShell API. Any guidance on this would also help me.

    Naveen Raj  
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    Nawin_SidduNawin_Siddu Member IT Monkey ✭
    edited April 2019
    I forgot to log my comments here, we were able to complete this requirement.
    We just used the API guide and one must combine the commit API call with the Json input, to create the new Incident/Service Request.Example below:

    All dynamic populations like incident Classifications can be handled in the jnode query just by fetching the respective API calls

    API to create incident:


    Body Parameters that is being used to create Incident with the Commit API:

    {"formJson" :  {  "IsDirty":true, "current" :

    {  "IsNew":true, "ClassTypeId":"452d81ba-0492-98a7-ddf8-b8431f9e1527","BaseId":"38d73c1d-de1a-588e-4b5b-9ffc88b9beaf", "Path":null,"ClassName":"System.WorkItem.Incident","FullClassName":"Incident","TimeAdded":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","LastModified":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","LastModifiedBy":null,"Classification": {"Id":"8a56f6df-dd32-864a-f4a7-625bcf36a594","Name":"Applications"},"RequestedWorkItem":{"ClassTypeId":"10a7f898-e672-ccf3-8881-360bfb6a8f9a","BaseId":"dfab3841-133c-59b4-a8b0-d82ba94ccf17"},"CreatedWorkItem":{"ClassTypeId":"10a7f898-e672-ccf3-8881-360bfb6a8f9a","BaseId":"092f884b-cbb7-bd4e-2adf-7df54af892bb"},"Description":"CHATBOT TEST INCIDENT CREATION 8","Escalated":false,"Impact":{"Id":"80cc222b-2653-2f68-8cee-3a7dd3b723c1","Name":"Medium"},"Id":"IR{0}","IsDowntime":null,"IsParent":null,"LastModifiedSource":{"Id":null,"Name":""},"Priority":null,"RequiredBy":null,"Source":{"Id":"92b68e4f-c5bf-52ec-9bda-f55b43a9f4b5","Name":"E-Mail"},"Status":{"Id":"5e2d3932-ca6d-1515-7310-6f58584df73e","Name":"Open"},"TierQueue":{"Id":"198d4a29-342c-88a5-3a47-1319346f941d","Name":"Service Desk"},"Title":"CHAT BOT TEST INCIDENT CREATION 8","Urgency":{"Id":"02625c30-08c6-4181-b2ed-222fa473280e","Name":"Medium" }, "ObjectId":"a604b942-4c7b-2fb2-28dc-61dc6f465c68","NameRelationship":[{"Name":"RequestedWorkItem","RelationshipId":"dff9be66-38b0-b6d6-6144-a412a3ebd4ce"},{"Name":"CreatedWorkItem","RelationshipId":"df738111-c7a2-b450-5872-c5f3b927481a"},{"Name":"WorkItem","RelationshipId":"2da498be-0485-b2b2-d520-6ebd1698e61b"}] },"original": null}}

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