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HTML Action Log

David_Morris1David_Morris1 Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
The idea to change the action log on the Service Manager Portal from plain text to HTML similar to the "Editor" boxes.

this would allow grids, hyperlinks, pictures and loads of other formatting options to be available in the action log.

i understand that generally this would only be functional if you are a "Portal Only" user as the actual HTML code would be saved and appear as such in the console.

We currently use the "Editor" boxes in place of the description fields in all our work-items to give users access to the extra formatting features, this HTML is saved back to a custom "DescriptionHTML" field and we have a HTML "Cleaner" script that converts the text back to plain text for if its needed in reporting etc
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    David_Morris1David_Morris1 Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    to add additional info for this, it looks like the current portal action log comment box is an "Editor" html as it accepts formatting but just saves down to the action log as plain text, so additions needed would be the option (at portal admin level) to save as html and for the view to render in html
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