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Draft requests

We want save draft data for forms. Save data in table with id requestId and fild for text data (JSON). Send data 'id:number', example 'd0831c59-b5f3-508a-c7af-1b0a9f2c1fe1' 'data:string', example '{'ds ... } json'. request to API.
To save draft requests. We need 3 WEB services: - PUT (add new data) id={{id}};type={{type}};userId={{userId}}; data={{data}}; - POST (update) id= {{id}};type={{type}};userId={{userId}}; data={{data}}; - GET (take data) get? ?id={{id}};type={{type}}; User id mast add to request in API. For this 3-web servises we needs table with 4 fields: - id:number; - type:string; - userId:number; -data:string;
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