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What is everyone doing for purchasing?

Sean_BeanSean_Bean Customer IT Monkey ✭
We have this Asset Management solution with purchasing, invoicing, hardware/software tracking that we are looking to fully leverage.  I will try to keep my frustrations out of this.

The idea is to use the purchase order in the portal as our purchase order.  First step is to submit a purchase order in the system, and have it approved by a manager.  From there, use that approved purchase order to print a PDF to then send that PDF copy to our vendors (or have the system do it).  The rest of the purchasing process will have the Cireson Asset Management at the center of that process.  From tracking order status, documenting the assets, support contracts, warranties, to invoicing and invoice paid.  This also includes having Finance go in and get the information without having to involve IT.

I've been having to break the news to our team that right now this is not a solution to use for those processes.  Out of the box it is great for documenting everything after the fact.  With the current setup, it is turning out to be an administrative overhead.  One thing is we are finding that relating items (invoices, assets, statuses, organizations, locations) doesn't always go both ways.  It is great at tracking the Hardware and Software assets and updating with SCCM.

With my Cireson experience, I was thinking of using a Request Offering to gather information then powershell/orchestrator after it is submitted to create the purchase order.  Just feels wrong doing it that way.  I'm only an IT Monkey :smile:

With that said, what are the IT teams out there using for their purchasing?  Bonus: if you are using Cireson is it a customization from a services engagement or done yourselves?

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    Sean_BeanSean_Bean Customer IT Monkey ✭
    @Eric_Krasner Very good idea keeping people out of the HWA and the console.  Sounds like the solution is setup pretty well.  Are you able to do everything with native Orchestrator SCSM Integration Pack without PowerShell?
    I'm not seeing a good way to attach files or assign the PO creator.  Even with the PowerShell SMLets.
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    Sean_BeanSean_Bean Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I've been looking at using RO further.  It has its challenges in settings up, but not impossible to implement.  Working through several gotchas and I've found you will need PowerShell.

    If there is anyone else that wants to share please do!
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