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Custom list value not updating consistently

Philip_HåkansPhilip_Håkans Customer IT Monkey ✭

We recently added a custom field to our incident form called Service. The values of this field come from a list in ServiceManager called "Service".

When we first set up this field I populated the list with the appropriate services and saved the list. Some days went by and we noticed that I had made a spelling error on one of the services so I opened up the list again and fixed the error.

I thought that would fix the issue but the spelling error is still present on our incident form on the Portal. However my on my machine the correct list is displaying in the SM Console. All users have the incorrect list on the portal version of the incident form but some users have the correct list on the SM Console and some have the incorrect one.

This also results in duplicate IRs when running statistics on the field.

I have tried clearing the SM Console cache and it did not fix the issue.

Any ideas?

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  • Philip_HåkansPhilip_Håkans Customer IT Monkey ✭
    You are right! I switched the console to Swedish and the list still had the old spelling error. I updated the list and restarted the application pool for the portal and it solved the problem :) Hopefully we'll not get any duplicates in the future.

    Thanks @Jeff_Lang and @Geoff_Ross
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