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what happens when i change an asset status to disposed

Robert_CarusoRobert_Caruso Customer IT Monkey ✭
I am wondering if there is a workflow that runs when I can the status to disposed. My preference is not to delete any asset, rather put it into a disposed state so i can refer to it if required. At the same time i do not want to see it in the all hardware asset view anymore.


  • Patrick_ChambersPatrick_Chambers Cireson Consultant Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

    You can create a new hardware asset view(ie. deployed, in stock, etc.) that excludes assets in a "status = Disposed" state. This will give you the view you are looking for, and you can reference the "All Hardware Assets" view to see all assets regardless of their status.
  • damon_mulligandamon_mulligan Cireson Consultant Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019

    There are no workflows that run in the background when setting a HW Asset to Disposed. If you select the Disposed Task it does popup a window that prompts you for Disposal Date and Disposal Details. You are correct in not wanting to delete HW Assets. To separate out different HW Assets based on status and type, these are some standard views we create.

    .1 All Hardware
    .2 Client Computers
    .3 Servers & VM's
    .4 Smart Phones
    .5 Network
    .6 Peripherals
    .7 Printers
    .8 Telephony
    .9 Loaners
    10. Received & In Stock
    11. Retired & Disposed
    12. Lost & Stolen
    13. Missing & Unknown
    14. New Computers
  • Robert_CarusoRobert_Caruso Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thank you Damon,
    that answer my question. It would be nice if the disposal status has a configurable workflow that would run.
  • Geoff_RossGeoff_Ross Cireson Consultant Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    This is something I have been thinking about for approx 5 years. The trouble is that every customer would want something different to happen so it would need to be very configurable. Out of interest, what would you like to see happen when an asset is set to Disposed?
  • Robert_CarusoRobert_Caruso Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Geoff, good question. We change over about 3000 assets per year. That includes IT and AV assets.
    What i see as needed is that the asset record remains, nearly as a snapshot. The workflow would run and take this snapshot and move the record to a another section in the database which basically is historical achive. The next part of the workflow would be to remove all associations the asset had. for example all association under Cireson Administration section, removed from all views and remove all association from software assets as well. I would also like computer asset remove from the Service Manager section Computers. What I have found is the records for computer assets that are removed in Configuration Manager do not get automatically get removed in Service Manager..

    You may be able to see how quickly my database may grow with such a large turnover of assets. The point of a Asset DB is to show accurate data. Without removing assets that have been disposed you would end up with a lot of noise.

    You may wonder why we have such a large turnover, well that comprises of end of lease and end of life. At a university there is pressure to keep up to date with technology. Our customers demand it.

    Please feel free to drill me more if you need to.

    Thanks for your interest.
  • Geoff_RossGeoff_Ross Cireson Consultant Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Robert,

    Very interesting. The concept of moving to another part of the DB is a good one but unfortunately, not the way SCSM works. Your data would have to remain in the main (operational) DB. However, I like the idea that it could become read only or something as to ensure it remains an archive.

    This will mean your DB will grow and grow but this should not negatively effect you (other than disk space which you'd need for an archive anyway). The Cireson Portal caches all Hardware Assets and provides efficient oData endpoints to pull the data that are not effected by larger and large data-sets. Assuming you are using the NEW Hardware Assets views, you are taking advantage of this cache and endpoints. You can create your own views and as Damon mentioned above, you certainly want to create your own, and excluding Disposed from all regular views - to remove the noise - makes a lot of sense.

    Your other ideas, are fantastic. Removing all associations, SWA, Licences, etc is crucial and removal of the Computer CI(s) would really help with keeping the system clean.

    So, some good ideas, now to implement. I'll have a think, and probably add put some feature requests to the product team. As well as maybe putting together a customisation. Watch this space.

  • Robert_CarusoRobert_Caruso Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Geoff
    Thanks for your positive feedback. I will certainly b watching this space.
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